Online reading workshop of 'ID Card' by Mahmoud Darwish

  • מתחיל בתאריך: Oct 12
  • 150 Israeli new shekels
  • Zoom

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Come and get to know our team of teachers through their favorite Hebrew texts! “Shmona Yemey Milah” - one-time workshops of analyzing Hebrew texts. Each workshop will deal with a different text, chosen by the teacher, that the students will be asked to read in advance. During the workshop we will go over new words and grammatical aspects that appeared in this text, we will discuss its content and talk about what it brings up for us. This workshop is suitable for intermediate Hebrew speakers and above. In this workshop we will focus on 'ID Card' - Mahmoud Darwish in Hebrew translation. Mahmoud Darwish is considered to be the Palestinian national poet, and this poem is one of his most iconic as well as the best known within Israeli society. Written in 1964, it continues to resonate, ripple and be referenced in the present, in both Palestinian and Israeli popular culture - in very different ways. We will read this poem together and discuss its meaning, its context and controversies, the politics of it's translations, and Darwish's own ambivalent relationship to it.


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