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Decolonizing Israel/Palestine

Oct 1 - Nov 5 10:00-11:30am (PST); 1:00-2:30pm (EST) 8:00-9:30pm (JLM time)

  • מתחיל בתאריך: Oct 1
  • החל מ-550 Israeli new shekels
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The discussion about decolonization is evolving in many parts of the world, but when it comes to Israel/Palestine, it appears to be quite far from reaching a common ground. The situation is complicated by escalating violence, political instability, and a strong settler movement, which all make having these conversations particularly challenging right now. Additionally, the unique circumstances of Israel/Palestine don't neatly fit into the typical postcolonial framework. In this class, our goal is to explore key issues in Palestine/Israel from various perspectives and encourage open discussions about both the potential for the future and the obstacles that lie ahead. Throughout the course, you'll have the chance to hear from different speakers, all of whom are activists and language instructors, with diverse academic backgrounds. Together, we will work towards gaining a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the situation on the ground beyond what conventional sources might offer. To truly comprehend the ongoing situation, we'll delve into the legal and cultural aspects that shape the Israeli state, as well as the internal conflicts within Jewish-Israeli society. We'll examine topics like the Israeli ethnic immigration policy and its connection to land colonization, the divisions within Jewish society and their relation to Palestinian policy, the existing legal framework in Israel and how it has contributed to the current state of contention and even explore the potential for language instruction to drive change. The ultimate aim is to foster discussions rooted in knowledge and facts, with the hope of collectively making sense of this intricate landscape. By joining forces, we can navigate through complex information together, enriching our perspectives and striving to find common ground amidst the complexities. Your participation is a valuable addition to this journey, and together, we can uncover new insights and pave the way for better understanding. Topic 1- October 1: Immigration, land and borders with Matan Topic 2- October 8: Linguistic (in)justice in Palestine-Israel with Tal Topic 3- October 15: Why we need to talk about 'Mizrachim with Gal Topic 4- October 21: The lacking Constitution and Politicization of the Supreme Court with Yaron Topic 5- October 28: Reluctant Citizenship with Sophie Topic 6: November 5: Summarizing and What is Next with Itamar Meet our Educators:


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