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4-Week Intensive Course - February 11 - March 7 | 64h

  • מתחיל בתאריך: Feb 11, 2024
  • החל מ-2,400 Israeli new shekels
  • This Is Not An Ulpan

מקומות פנויים


This course carefully bridges between structured Beginner Hebrew to the less-filtered world of Intermediate, helping you to be creative and improvise with Hebrew even outside of your comfort zone of everyday topics. This is the second part of TINAU’s Beginner Plus course. We will review and deepen previous learning of grammatical structures, and tackle new topics, including the past tense in different verb groups and smikhut (construct nouns). We will continue to build communicative skills for useful daily life situations, with our usual flexibility based on the priorities and interests of the learners - so, we invite you to come ready with ideas of what you’d like to learn! Additionally, we will explore more complete cultural, social and even political topics in a way that is still accessible, whilst giving you tools to express ideas and opinions in Hebrew. Previous knowledge: Ability to read and write in Hebrew, with and without vowels Can communicate in a variety of situations in daily life, make basic sentences Use of grammatical structures including: conjugating present tense, past tense and infinitive verbs; questions and answers, possession and other prepositions Learning outcomes: Improve proficiency reading and writing without vowels Ability to create longer and more complex sentences, to go “off script”, to communicate on a wider variety of topics and navigate more situations in daily life Understanding and using more complex grammar, including: past tense verbs in several verb groups, conjugated prepositions, smikhut (construct nouns), “irregular” nouns Express opinions and understand some conversations and texts about Israeli social issues and cultural topics, including: tensions between different societal groups, the socio-political complexity of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, current affairs. *** Early Bird Price Starts at- 2400 NIS - Until 14/01 Regular Price Starts at- 2600 NIS - Until 04/02 Late Price Starts at - 2800 NIS - Until first lesson of the course We have made a small change in our pricing structure and are now offering a sliding scale in order to give you the opportunity to donate 100 or 200 shekels when you buy a course. This money will go toward the TINAU scholarship fund and emergency support for TINAU.


מדיניות ביטולים

פרטי איש הקשר

  • This is not an Ulpan, Aharon Chelouche Lane, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


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