Bein Mizraihiyut LeMizrah - August 31 - October 26 | 24h

  • מתחיל בתאריך: Aug 31
  • 990 Israeli new shekels
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מקומות פנויים


“Without a sense of identity, there can be no real struggle” - Paulo Freire What is Mizrahi identity? Not only oppression, discrimination and immigration - but 2000 years of literature, culture, community and history - so come and get to know more of it, in Hebrew! In this course we will learn about the lives of Jews in “Eastern” regions (the Arab world, the Islamic world, Asia, and Africa); study important historical figures; experience ancient and relevant culture, arts and thought. We will speak about imperialism and orientalism, tradition and modernity, identity and community, gender and religious feminism, nationalism and Zionism, immigrant communities, religious and ethnic minorities, and more. Throughout this course we will learn in a critical way: we will examine and ask questions, and together work to understand how this is relevant to today, to our lives, and to our own complex identities. In each lesson we will learn about a significant Mizrahi historical figure, and through them we will learn about their community, their struggles, and their cultural and political implications. We will learn together from original texts, liturgical and secular poetry. We will have deep and personal discussions, and we will present our own ideas and stories, and how they may relate to the topics of the course. We will gain tools to decipher complex and challenging Hebrew texts, learn Jewish cultural terminology, and share experiences and opinions in Hebrew. *** Regular Price - 990 NIS - Until 21/8 Late Price - 1190 NIS - Until first lesson of the course


פרטי איש הקשר


This is not an Ulpan, Aharon Chelouche Lane, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel