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Our first priority is the safety and health of our students and teachers! We have always been committed to a fun learning environment and creating a safe space in our classes where everyone is invested in helping one another. We are also always open to your feedback and suggestions so don’t hesitate to talk to us, we want to help!

Starting April 2021, TINAU will resume in person classes in our Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem locations. For now there will only be five classes available as we are testing the safest and most effective ways to resume our physical classes. Online classes will continue regardless, no worries!


Since the decision to begin with on-site classes was made, we have rigorously debated what our policy should be regarding vaccination. We are sure you are aware the Israeli government has launched an aggressive campaign to encourage the population to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Unfortunately, like their conduct throughout this public health crisis, they chose to do so using forceful and problematic measures. Since the outbreak of the disease the Israeli government has had only two modes of operation: reckless disregard or draconian anti-democratic measures. Their approach towards the vaccine is sadly not different. 


Despite this abhorrent conduct, we at TINAU are completely supportive of the vaccine. All the vaccines currently available have been proven safe and effective and it is our duty to get vaccinated in order to protect those who are unable to get vaccinated for health reasons. Getting vaccinated is not only good for our own personal safety, it is a sign of solidarity and commitment  to help those in need.


Since the Israeli government has been acting aggressively and with bewildering lack of transparency, conspiracy theories and disinformation regarding the vaccine are common. This caused some of our co-op members to be hesitant when it comes to our vaccination policy. A fair question was raised: if we require people to be vaccinated to attend our offline classes wouldn't we be supporting an anti-democratic and dangerous government policy? 


Though we are not legally required to demand what is called a ‘green passport’ (a governmental proof of vaccine) to enter our classrooms, we decided to request those who chose not to get vaccinated to participate only in our online classes, for the time being. If you are unable to receive the vaccine for health reasons, you are welcome to come. 


If you are unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons, please send a note from a physician verifying that. We don't need to know any details about your health. If you have certified that you are vaccinated, please send us a photo of your vaccine certification. We will not be asking for the "green passport".

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